i nostri servizi

Feasibility Analysis

For analysis / feasibility study under construction means a study to define whether a building project can be realized technically and what could be its affordability. The feasibility study is characterized by all the interventions on the territory where it has not any sure reference. It operates almost always in a sunny regime probabilities and possibilities not otherwise verifiable.

Architectural Design and Construction Supervision

The architectural design consists of a logical-artistic-scientific process that can locate forms, organizations and processes in the creation of dedicated spaces in which man can perform specific tasks such as living, working, relaxing, take care etc ..
The operation areas developed by STARG STUDIO are: civil residential buildings; tourist buildings (hotels, camping, apartments), commercial and craft buildings, public buildings (schools, squares, rest homes, sports centers), recovery of historical and monumental buildings, Interior design, design of green (parks and gardens) .
Construction management and accounting of the construction site for each type of intervention.

Rendering and photo-simulations

RENDERING is a word of the English language in a broad sense means the graphics rendering, or an operation done by a designer to produce a quality representation of an object or an architecture (designed or detected). The photo simulation is a technique by which you get an image from a photo with the integrated real render a virtual 3D model built to scale thanks to a project or through references taken from the reality of the status quo.
These processes are nothing more than a snapshot of our future work, a Polaroid of our thoughts that allows us to have an accurate idea of our intervention at the end of the work. The STARG STUDIO provides a processing service and printing of these elaborate indispensable today for the withdrawal of Building Permits and for the opinion of the Environmental Heritage/Superintendent as the Integrated Plans for Urban Renewal.

Architectural Surveys

The high grounds architectural and classical surveying activities for the plano-altimetric determination of the details of the ground points, also called rapid-classical metric survey, now they play an increasingly important role thanks to the introduction of measuring instruments ever more precise and reliable. Each survey operation carried out by us is anticipated by site survey in order to establish the best operating decisions to optimize the entire executive process.

Geological report and sismic modeling

This operation, ensure the suitability of the works of new construction, renovation or expansion of a building, from the geological and technical point of view, assessing the stability of the area as a whole, identifying any problems terrain characteristics and assets geo-morphological and hydrogeological, preparing the table of geological surveys.

Static calculations (works in reinforced concrete and steel)

All the projects of civil engineering that have structural elements of reinforced concrete and pre-compressed, and to the metal structure should be made to ensure the stability and security of the facilities and on the basis of an executive project prepared by a qualified professional. We are able to operate on structures in the areas of design, internal and external restructuring and retraining of civil works related to buildings, public areas and public and private venues.

Electrical systems design

The design, installation, testing, maintenance and operation of electrical devices are subject to numerous laws, decrees, regulations, circulars, standards. Taken together, the provisions have the purpose to ensure the correct function of the equipment constituting a plant and the plant as a whole, the environmental compatibility of electrical installations, and, especially, the safety of persons, compatibly with the risk that accompanies the interaction of the human being with an electrical system. The STARG STUDIO, in accordance with Ministerial Decree 37 of 2008, which regulates the design requirement of an electrical installation (this decree repealing the previous Act 46 of 1990), studies the best solutions and draw up the plant project.

Protection of safety

The Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 provides for protection for workers who perform work in the construction industry, in particular the provisions that relate to measures developed by the legislature for the safety and health at temporary or mobile construction sites. In accordance with Legislative Decree mentioned above, is expected to draw up a Safety and Coordination Plan for construction sites, where are carried out building or civil engineering works concerning the construction, maintenance, repair, demolition, conservation, the recovery, the restructuring, the transformation and renewal of masonry, concrete, metal, wood or other materials.

Energy savings (L. 10/91 and Energy Certification)

The Law 10/91 is a necessary evidence to demonstrate that the new building, or the subject of extraordinary maintenance, RESPECTS the minimum required parameters concerning energy characteristics. Energy certification of buildings is a procedure of evaluation in order to promote OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT of the buildings, due to the information provided to the owners and users of its energy consumption required to maintain a certain indoor climate.

Fire prevention

Fire prevention is interdisciplinary subject to promote, designe, prepare and teste action, measures, devices and models of action designed in order to prevent the occurrence of a fire or to limit the consequences. The operation that is performed by professionals, is to obtain the organ responsible for the issuance of rules and the monitoring of them (the Ministry of Interior that, making use of the work of the Fire Brigade ) the execution of the intervention PERMIT building in accordance with applicable regulations.

Land Registry

The service consists in the presentation of the land registry, verification of the formal accuracy of the documents to be submitted, at the proposal of possible solutions to questions in the land registry (splits, cadastral maps types, new pilings and pilings in variant, assigning classes and land rents, issues, etc. .).

Appraisals and property valuations / land

Anyone who needs to buy or sell a property, is located in the necessity of having to make a proper economic assessment in relation to market values. Other appraisals are directed to interventions builders and their compliance with planning and building legislation and the market value of a property for the calculation of eminent domain.

Consulting tax breaks for renovation and energy saving

The current legislation allows TAX DEDUCTION (personal income tax) on building renovations and interventions that provide an energy savings for the building object of intervention. The STArg study provides a consulting service for a proper establishment of the practice with the Agenzia of Revenue territorial jurisdiction.

Consulting public authorities

The professionals of STARG STUDIO offered and can offer technical support primarily to Town Councils, Provincial, Regional Administration and various departments in order to reinforce public administration management and organizational skills inspired a culture of work for projects and objectives, humans resource development.